Mark Knight blog hop!

Hi all!

Come visit Mark on his blog hop (if you are still interested in hosting, let me know, there’s open slots). This is going to be a great tour. Here is the cover anBlood Family Blog Hop

April 11th-May 15th

11th: Jodie Pierce (

12th: Pam Funke (

13th: Victoria Wooldridge (

13th: Steve Bargdill ( 

14th: Robert Fuller Jr. ( Interview

15th: Liliana Soares (

15th: L.M. Hirscher (

16th: Shannon Shaw

17th: Saffron Bryant (

18th: Cara Crabtree (

18th: Jennifer Wedmore: (

20th: Ann Snizek (

20th: Cheree Crump (

22nd: Mia Darien (

23rd: Olga Nunez Miret (

25th: Mia Darien ( – Character Interview

26th: Karen Doctor (

27th: Delia Remington

30th: Chris Redding (

May 1st: Missy M.M. Frye (

May 1st: Sabrena Pattat (

1st: Carrie Fort (

3rd: Dorothy Dryer (

7th: Mae Clair (

9th: Robert Fuller Jr. ( – Interview

10th: Penelope Anne Barotto (

11th: Tessa Stokes (

11th: Genevieve Scholl (

13th: Karen Smith (

14th: Michele B Iring-Pani (

14th: David R. Bennett (

15th: L.M. David (

Thanks for joining us! Check out each day for new information and leave comments so we know you’ve been there. Check out his book, Blood Family at:

Keep Writing!

Jodie Pierce


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