Vampire of Brazil/Vampiro do Brasil

Growing up, I had two goals in life. The first was to the marry the man of my dreams and the second was to become a published Author. I can say, in 2010, I reached both of those goals. With many traditionally and self published books under my belt now, I can really see the growth in my writing! Anne Rice is my idol and she is the one I credit with giving me the idea to write about the vampires I’ve loved for so long. My hubby has given me the strength to keep writing and publishing as he knows how much it means to me. He has also provided me with something I’ve never had before, unconditional love. He helps me and I write pieces of him into all my stories as well as myself. He is my muse and I will love him forever!!

These books gave me so many memories and new routines. I was an exchange student in Brazil in 1991 for six months and loved every minute of it (except when I broke my foot-lol). I met my main subject through my sister. She was her cousin, and my cousin wanted to read my books in Portuguese as she didn’t speak English. So, I set out to write a book about her and include some Egyptian Mythology which I loved and had been looking for an excuse to write about. I kept asking her questions about her likes and her life and included them in the books. I started some new routines as well. I went through google images and found pictures of things that I wanted to represent things in the story. I also came up with a Portuguese music playlist which was also new for me. There was a lot of research in the book too which I absolutely LOVED! I usually do some research for my stories as I enjoy it so much! After writing the book, I translated the book into Portuguese and put out an edition in Portuguese (which has been a huge success in Brazil among my friends down there!). I’m most proud of this book of all my books. Other books are special and maybe I’ll write another email next month about my favorite books! Until then!

Keep Writing!

Jodie Pierce


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